Business Plans Sunil Bridgelall September 15, 2021

Business Plans

Juno has tiered business plan offerings that fit the various approaches and stages of each client. For companies that already have preliminary business plans, we advance their plans to meet new business objectives as they grow. For those that want to start from scratch and advance at a pace conducive with their business strategy, Juno will support them from the start.

An initial view of the business opportunity and a simplistic cut at how the business model could work. This business plan can be used to garner interest, gauge potential opportunity, and attract key resources.





This plan provides a wholistic view of the business and identifies the initial product design, key market dynamics, strategic elements, and preliminary operational constructs. This plan would be sufficient to attract initial BETA customers and initial angel investment.


A business plan with the details of all identified strategies, including the initial operational and financial aspects of establishing the company. This plan is sufficient to launch the company and understand how to position it for future growth.



A complete business and operational plan that can guide the company through its initial launch, scale, and eventual reach of a desired exit or other end state.





Compare Business Plans

Each business plan level is aimed at increasing the sophistication of a start-up company as it evolves through the four levels of capability: idea, feasibility, launch, and scale. To understand how the content of each plan suits its level, the first three business plans are listed for comparison. The fourth level business plan (Scale) is a customized engagement, focused on the client’s individual requirements.