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Juno Growth Canada Inc.

Growth for Start-ups

JUNO specializes in Product Marketplace Operations Investment

Juno supports start-up businesses as they establish themselves, grow, and realize their maximum potential.

Juno provides seamless continuity between the advice stage, where resulting recommendations were developed and nurtured with clients in the MTA SUV advisory program, and the execution of relevant services to achieve the recommended outcomes.

The resources that Juno brings to each client engagement contain relevant industry experience, and functional expertise in the areas of product, marketing, operations, and finance.

At Juno, we carefully consider the four main functional program areas for starting a business. Each program has a 3-layer approach to assist clients in advancing through the stages of assessing feasibility, developing the launch, and scaling the company.

An initial product readiness assessment can be followed by building a Minimum Viable Product, and eventually the full deployment of running, supporting, and advancing

the product.


An initial market readiness assessment can be followed by the development of a marketing and sales strategy, and eventually the execution of these strategies in the marketplace.



A preliminary identification of the key operational elements can be followed by a readiness assessment and operational plan, and eventually

the ongoing management of company operations.


An initial capital readiness assessment can be followed by a plan, and the securing of, capital (equity, debt, grants and tax incentives) in initial and subsequent rounds.


Our Partner Network
Strong Connections

Juno has a strong and trusted partnership with the Manitoba Technology Accelerator (MTA). MTA provides business advisory services to clients in their Start Up Visa (SUV) program through personalized advisory relationships with each client. The MTA advisor can bring the full breadth of Juno Professional Services to each client they work with, helping to fulfill the desired business outcomes of the advisory role.